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Meet Ida Lundgren: Dolph Lundgrens Ass Kicking Daughter

Dolph Lundgren, better known as Ivan Drago in the best of the Rocky movie, hands down, Rocky IV, is 59-years-old and can probably kick your ass. But Dolph also has a 20-year-old daughter named Ida Lundgren who is a model and is also ripped just like her dad.

Mostly she is focused on her modelling career, which comes as no surprise as she is stunning

Turns out she keeps good company, here she is below with Bianca Bree, daughter of none other than Jean Claude Van Dammes equally Ass Kicking daughter, because of course she does – below being put throw their paces by Dolph himself:

These two really need to be in their own ass whoopin’ martial arts movie together, stat.

Clearly they are both chips off the old blocks.


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